This is the heartbreaking natural progression of SMA in 1 year in a type 2 child

Home videos. Watching your child grow and meet milestones over time brings so much joy as a new parent…but what about watching them lose milestones? This is the natural progression of SMA over 1 year. In more severe forms of SMA, sometimes 1 year is all they have to live. Yet, we have a medicine that has proven to be both effective and safe and we are told it could be 3-4 more years until it is available. Watch this video and ask yourself, what could happen if this child experiences 4 more years of loss? What could happen to 1,000’s of children and adults all over the world fighting to survive and thrive. More than half of the babies diagnosed with SMA will die before they turn 2, and yet we have to wait 3-4 more years for a drug that could save their life today? Instead of letting newly diagnosed parents accept this death sentence, why not let them try Nusinersen that has been proven to work and be safe! We are fighting for the right to live! Watch this video and please join The FAST Movement in our fight!