Mission & Vision

The Fast Movement is a united and neutral front of passionate SMA families and supporters. With an unprecedented number of drugs in the SMA pipeline, this is an exciting and hopeful time for the SMA community. We represent patients of all ages and types of SMA. Our mission is to ensure that the guidelines and designations established to accelerate the approval process for rare diseases, like SMA, are fully utilized. Our Movement is not about one specific therapy, but about being a presence and voice to accelerate availability of all safe and effective drugs.

The Fast Movement is a platform for all SMA patients, families, and supporters to express the urgent need for treatments. It is imperative that we reach out to medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, and legislators to accelerate access to these treatments. As we continue to educate ourselves on the complex process and potential routes for drug approval, we urge all of you to do the same. We are consulting with many amazing resources within the SMA community and the FAST movement welcomes your ideas, contacts, suggestions and constructive feedback. Every voice is important to our success!

There are so many lives at stake. Please join us and work with us as we advocate for babies, children, and adults suffering with SMA. The Fast Movement is YOUR movement.

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